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Chengdu individual industrial and commercial food bulk qualification, how to handle?

The previous mentioned three individual industrial and commercial food operators, often need to use the three qualifications。Food bulk qualification,

It is also a qualification that is often encountered。What business situations, will need this qualification?Let's see。

First, Chengdu individual industrial and commercial enterprises, which business scope needs to handle food bulk qualification?

Pre-packaged food sales (including frozen food, excluding frozen food);Bulk food sales (including frozen food, excluding frozen food, including bulk cooked food sales, excluding bulk cooked food sales);Special food sales (health food, special medical formula food, infant formula milk powder, other infant formula food);Sales of other types of food;Production and sale of hot food;Bulk food sales (including frozen food, excluding frozen food)。

Our common snack shop, bulk snacks, etc., need to be handled。

Second, individual industrial and commercial food bulk operation qualification, what information is needed for qualification processing?

1. Copy of business license

2, food business license commitment

3, "Food business license" application 1

4, legal representative (responsible person) ID card copy

5, ensure food safety related rules and regulations list, personnel health data sheet

6, site layout information, including: main equipment and facilities layout plan, operation flow chart

7, the application to open the construction site canteen needs to submit the construction permit (or the relevant documents issued by the housing department) and a description of the situation

8. Power of attorney, where the applicant entrusts others to handle the application for food business license, the agent shall submit the power of attorney and the agent's identity documents。

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Third, Chengdu individual industrial and commercial bulk operation qualification, qualification processing process?

1. 申请

The applicant shall apply online, enter relevant information according to the prompts on the page, upload relevant materials and submit application materials according to "Submit application";

2. 受理

After receiving the application materials, the window staff will make a decision to accept or reject the application on the spot or within the specified working day。

3. 审查

The handling personnel shall examine the materials submitted by the applicant and put forward preliminary review opinions;

4. 决定

The person in charge of the handling authority signs the examination and approval results according to the examination opinions。

5. 领证

After the certification is completed, obtain the relevant license certificate