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Chengdu individual industrial and commercial three small record qualification?

For the catering industry, with the development of the Internet, take-out is also an important matter in its own business。

So, what is the three small records of individual industrial and commercial households?Under what circumstances can I handle the filing?

First, Chengdu individual industrial and commercial enterprises, which business scope needs to handle three minor records?

For the main scope of hot food food production and sale, cold food food production and sale of hot food, etc., can also handle the three small food qualification record。

Common cold food in general life, pastry, homemade drinks can do three minor records。

Second, individual industrial and commercial households three small record, record information need what?

1. Copy of business license

2, the scope of business needs to bring food sales related

3, operator ID card information

4. One application for filing

5. Health certificate information of employees, etc

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Third, Chengdu individual industrial and commercial three small record, record process?

1. Pre-declaration

Submit information online for pre-declaration。

2. Window audit

After the pre-declaration review is passed, the applicant submits the application with relevant materials, and the window staff conducts the preliminary review。


After approval, print and receive the Record Information Form。