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Financial statement audit

"The audit of financial statements is the audit of the financial statements of the audited entity。Its content mainly includes: whether the various financial statements of the audited units are prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and unified accounting systems, and whether they follow the consistent accounting principle。Whether the various financial statements of the unit under trial truly and fairly reflect its financial status and operating results during the trial。”

Outgoing audit

Outgoing audit, or end-of-term audit, refers to the review, verification and overall evaluation of the performance of the economic responsibilities undertaken by the legal representative during the entire term of office。

Tender audit

The project bid audit refers to the audit of the rationality and economy of the project bid conditions based on the construction feasibility study report and bidding conditions。

Tax audit

Tax audit also known as "Tax audit"。The examination and inspection of taxes payable by enterprises and public institutions and taxpayers by the State auditing organs in accordance with law。Including: examining whether the taxpayer pays taxes, reduces taxes and exemptions according to the tax law, whether there is tax evasion or tax evasion, whether the basis of tax payment is true and whether the calculation is correct,

Liquidation audit

Liquidation audit refers to the audit of the liquidation of the creditor's rights and debts, the realization of assets, the income and loss during the liquidation period, the expenses and the distribution of net assets on the liquidation deadline when the enterprise is terminated due to various reasons.

Other special audit

Special audit of enterprises is to carry out special audit according to different enterprises and different problems,Such as enterprise potential loss audit,Tax evasion audit, financial revenue and expenditure audit, mismanagement audit, illegal income audit, violation of law and discipline audit, use of foreign capital,Audit of the introduction of technology and equipment, private trading of foreign exchange, foreign exchange evasion and arbitrage audit, and reselling audit。